Personal Rebranding


Brave, caring and wise. These were the words someone recently used to describe me and they were the greatest gift for which I could have asked.

That friend was responding to news I shared with them privately that I now share publicly. With the signing of official divorce papers today, I am dropping the last name Thomas.

My old blog LPT, which had already been dormant for a while, is now an archive; and with the launch of this new blog, the “P” returns to its full-length Pevehouse.

After years of building a personal brand online, I’m now embarking on a personal re-branding — even giving up my three-letter @LPT Twitter handle, which I know some who recognize the early-adopter status of it think is crazy. It was harder than I thought it would be to hit the “save” button on that change, but hopefully Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust will grab it since people were always tagging me when they meant to tag them.

Why do it, though?

I’m making this change because it feels important to my personal journey. One well-described by English poet and philosopher David Whyte as “making space for another form of reimagination.” The change is not being made out of spite to my former spouse or his family, but is part of reclaiming myself as I try to “let go and let God.”

I know it’s difficult for people to figure out the proper reaction they should have when someone tells them of a divorce. With so many different situations that lead to these type of life events, there won’t be one correct one.

But for me, I hope you simply wish me well on my attempt to live up to those three words I was blessed with at the beginning of this post. I hold them not as a badge of honor, but rather as life goals.


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